Thai Stirfry

I’m pretty sure I could eat this meal every night! Brown some ground beef, sauté some veggies and throw it over rice or cauliflower rice and enjoy.

Tonight’s version includes pineapple, carrots, peppers, asparagus, and celery.

Thankful for our Friends

This weekend, my college roommate and his wife traveled from Columbus to hang out with us for a few hours and to meet Kenley face-to-face (as we’ve previously only Skyped).

Today, a friend from our church came over to hold her during the day so mommy could sleep and daddy could work.

We’ve had dozens of people stop by, bring food, and lend a helping hand.

Even though we’d enjoy moving to somewhere where it’s warm all the time, it would be hard to give up all of our friends who love and support who are here.

I think we’ll be in Dayton for quite some time (as a permanent location).

Best Time to Have a Baby

Even though our daughter came into this world almost a week and a half past her due date, I think having a child the second week of March is the perfect time.

This was our position for nearly every game.

This was our position for nearly every game.

The main reason, basketball is on TV.

The Thursday after she was born, all of the collegiate tournament games started and went through that entire first weekend.

Then came March Madness, where we probably watched a good two dozen games together.

Another reason is that the days are starting to get longer. It’s relatively easy to get up and start your day, even when you’ve only gotten 4 hours of sleep, when the sun is shining.

Plus the days are getting warmer. One of these days, we might try taking a walk as a family of three.

And finally, the last best reason to have a baby in March is that my daughter now gets to share a birthday with me :)

Getting Dressed Up

Tonight my wife was inducted into the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) Board of Trustees with a semi-formal dinner banquet.

Now I’m not normally drug (no pun intended) to these types of things, but since we have a brand new baby that’s getting 100% of her nutrition from Mommy, I got to attend.

For this special occasion, I had the privilege of dressing up, dress pants, shirt, tie, and dress shoes. I can’t remember the last time I looked so fancy.

Typically, I wear mesh shorts and a t-shirt. If I have to leave the house, I’ll change into jeans.

Okay, back to getting ready to go.

After successfully picking out a tie, since my wife didn’t like the first two options I suggested, I attempted to tie the tie.

Tying a tie is like riding a bike right? Once you learn, you’ll never forget.

Well, I could remember the process of double loop, pull up from the bottom and tuck, but I couldn’t remember how the long the short end of the tie needed to be.2014-04-05 23.31.11

My first try resulted in my tie almost reaching my belly button.

Tries 2 – 5 resulted in a tie that was much too long.

Attempts 6 and 7 again resulted in a tie too short.

Finally on the 8th attempt, I finally got it.

And I have to admit, I look pretty good in a tie.

I’ll try wearing one again in about 6 months :)